Meet the Team


Favourite thing to make:

Anything to do with British military.

Favourite model brand:

Accurate Armour.

One must-have tool for the workbench:

Swann Morton scalpel.

Best (worst) joke:

What's Forrest Gump's password?




Ambulance staff for the NHS by day (or night depending on his shifts!), model making enthusiast by, well... always. 

Reece has been has been obsessed with all things model related since his Dad bought him a 1:72 scale Spitfire when he was 8 years old and he never looked back. Since then, all he can think and talk about is the model he is currently working on or the one he intends to start next. 

When he isn't at the workbench, Reece can be found lurking around the local model shop, on a hangout with friends or on YouTube looking for inspiration for his next build. 



A keen blogger and grammar nerd, Clarisse learnt very quickly that to keep up with Reece's interest in model making, she had to find a way to get involved - and what better way than to take control of the administration of RJC Models' online communities?

Clarisse has spearheaded the running of Reece's social medias and enjoys creating content for the website. She's even started trying her hand at a bit of painting here and there! 

Away from RJC Models, Clarisse enjoys binge watching TV series', spending time with family and looking after the RJC Models mascots (their pet bunnies). 


Favourite franchise:

Harry Potter - duh! 

Favourite food:


One thing I can't live without:

Sleep. No question.

Best quote:

"Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home."


Favourite thing to do:

Chew things.

Favourite food:

Bananas and broccoli.

Best place to sleep:

Snuggled up together in front of the fireplace.

Most annoying trait:

Our mum says it's when we chew things - and we chew everything.

Dobby & Arya


The official mascots of RJC Models. They don't have much input - they're lazy like that - but they enjoy being front and centre in spirit at any shows that the RJC Models team exhibits at... Want to know what we mean by that? Come along and see us at our next event.

Dobby and Arya are house bunnies who love to chew the carpet and eat they're weight in hay.