Reece's Good News!

Those of you who have been following RJC Models for a while will know that content can sometimes be a bit few and far between.

That's because he has been working some pretty erratic shift these past few years - some days being out of the house for anything between 18 and 24 hours!

Some weeks, he and I are like passing ships in the night. See, I work a standard Monday to Friday, 9-5.30 job and Reece's shifts can have him up and out hours before my alarm is due to go off or even way after I've tucked myself in for the night.

After years of service in the ambulance world, Reece has decided to take a well desereved break so that he can take back his evenings and weekends to do all the things he loves.

As of next month, you can expect to see much more content and intereaction on our social media pages as Reece will be starting his very own 9-5 job working... Wait for it... As a Resin Production Operative at Wayland Games in Hockley!

This means that, not only does he get time to do all of the things he's been missing out on, he will FINALLY be doing what he's wanted to do for such a long time - make a living with his model making skills.

We would both like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have stuck with us through the 'quiet' times and, to those of you who are new to RJC Models, welcome! We are looking forward to the new and exciting things to come and we can't wait to share it all with you right here on our blog.

Ciao, for now!

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