With Great Sadness...

I've started this post over and over again, trying to find the right words. But the truth is, there are no words.

We have worked so hard to grow and nurture the RJC Models community, and a large part of our success is owed to the amazing wider online community of modellers and likeminded people who we are lucky enough to now call our friends. With their support and loyalty, we have been able to reach many people and there is always a hangout or live show to join in on.

A few years ago, we were fortunate enough to meet Neil Harris. Neil's talent and love for his craft was inspiring, but not as much as his aptitude to make the most of what life had to offer him.

It's with a much sadness and a very heavy heart that we have to announce Neil's passing. In the early hours of Sunday morning, Neil Harris finally lost his long fight with cancer.

Neil was a valued member of the online model making community and a dear, dear friend to Reece and I. He was there as a shoulder to cry on when were sad, he was there to support us when we struggled with our own problems and he was there to share in our successes and happiness, too.

We will miss him dearly. Here's to you, Neil.

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